How to Break in Steel toe Boots – 6 Tested Methods

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So you have bought brand new steel toe boots. Everything is all right except your feet. Because the boots are so tight and your feet can’t breathe in easily. Extremely tight boots are very uncomfortable for the users.

In this condition, everyone wishes to fix their boots. To make steel toe boots comfortable, you have to break them in. You have to widen them according to your feet’ demand and ease. Here I will show you many practical ways to break in steel toe shoes.

How to Break in Steel toe Boots

Why Do I Need Time And Effort To Break Into New Boots?

New steel toe boots are generally stiff and rigid; they might be uncomfortable initially. When you wear it, the boots are usually tight and uncomfortable. Moreover, stiffness makes it difficult for you to walk with ease.

The steel toe boots are made for strength, not comfort, because they are steel toe work boots for the factory, not jogging boots. Buying these boots will provide your feet with more protection and safety than comfort. Nevertheless, wear-ability is another crucial factor when selecting workplace boots.

Wearing the wrong shoe or uncomforting footwear can eventually distract you from work and can not generate a productive day with sore feet. Therefore, you can also make them cozy and comfortable. There are many trusted methods and techniques which you can use. Here I will show you How to break into steel toe boots.

Effective Ways of Breaking In Steel Toe Boots

Fortunately, there are a few effective ways to break into the pull-on work boots and steel-toe boots easily and in no time. Moreover, there will be no difficulty in walking too. Steel toe boots are stiff and rigid, but they can be broken efficiently using suitable methods.

All you need to do is follow the methods given below. I hope you will get many ideas on how to break in steel-toe boots. 

Method 1- Wear at Home

The new items are not so comfortable initially. We experience some stress on our feet when we wear newly bought steel toe boots. Because the company manufactures the boots according to standard sizes and shapes, they will never get fit to your feet the first time wearing them.

However, you can manipulate them by wearing them most of the time. Remember that steel toe boots are working boots, not the regular ones. Before wearing them to work, use them at home. It will reshape and adjust the inner linings according to your foot.

So wearing boots at home will help you gain experience and more confidence to walk with steel toe boots. If boots are tight and stiff, then due to excess use, boots will become cozy. It is all due to the expansion of fibers. The boot will get molded according to your feet’ size and shape.

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Method 2- Use Warm Water 

If your steel toe boots are very tight and you can’t feel good in them. Then there is the only solution to expand them a little bit for consolation.

Most of the time, boots cause severe damage to the feet due to tightness. Here I have the best and easy solution to expand them. After applying this magical trick, you will feel at home after wearing steel toe boots.

  • All you need to do is soak them in warm water.
  • Put them for an hour or more, and bring them out.
  • Wait for them to get dry properly.
  • Then wear them you will feel a lot of difference between before and after the experience.

We all know things expand and increase in size when heated. This phenomenon also works on steel toe boots. The fibers of leather expand in steel toe boots. After this process, wear your steel toe boots so they will fit in your foot shape. 

use warm water for breakin steel toe boots

Method 3- Usage of Ice Bags

Ultimately we have to expand the steel toe boots. There are multiple methods, but I will reveal the most fantastic method here. It is an effortless and incredible technique to break in steel toe boots.

  • You will need an ice bag full of molten ice.
  • Place it in the boots about in the toe area of them.
  • Simply place your boots in the freezer for the whole night.
  • The water inside the ice bag will expand on freezing. We all know water expands about 3 or 4 times on freezing.
  • Hence, when the ice bag expands, it will force steel toe boots to expand. Thus the toe region of the boots will get expand.

This method is easy, but it requires patience. However, you have to wait about 12 or more hours. The expansion of water will lead your shoes to increase in size and comfort.

Method 4- Mink Oil Treatment 

This method is the simplest one because it is effortless to do.

  • In this case, you need mink oil.
  • Then apply it to the surface of your steel toe boots. It is like you apply the shoe shiner on your standard boots.
  • This method will provide your boots with shine, and it will widen them too because the mink oil will nourish the leather surface of the boots. It will soften the leather of boots, and when you wear them, the fibers will get stretched.

This is a very inexpensive and painless method to expand your steel-toe boots. Applying mink oil will smoothen the fibers of steel toe boots. Once they get smooth and soft, then they can be stretched easily.

For best stretching, wear them after the mink oil process is done. I hope you will apply this method very easily. Get your mink oil from the market and apply it to your steel toe boots to make them fit and cozy.

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Method 5- Wear Thick Socks

You will be at ease with the socks method because it is a simple and standard way to expand your steel-toe boots. You have to wear thick pair of socks. When you wear thick socks, there will be a low risk of feet being rubbed by boots from inside. The new steel toe boots may be harsh on your feet.

To solve this problem, take safety by wearing thick socks.

  • First, they provide you with the best cushion for your feet.
  • Moreover, they stretch the fibers of boots. So they expand the boots from the inside, and the feet get fit naturally.
  • Using this process, your feet will be safe, and boots will gradually increase in number and comfort.

Method 6- Insert Shoehorn 

A shoehorn is an instrument or tool for breaking in boots. It is put into the steel toe boots and then pushed hard. Then boots expand on the pressure applied by force.

After getting them out of warm water, you can use this tool for better results. This will widen your steel toe boots to some extent.

It is also an effective and quick way of increasing the size of boots. This will work instantly after you apply the technique. Get a shoehorn and insert it into your steel toe boots to get stretched and wide.

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Wrapping Up!

Finally, finding how to break in steel toe boots is no more an issue. I have already noted the most effective way I applied different steel-toe boots. Breaking in steel toe boots relies on how long you wear them. If you use more, it will stretch gradually and fit into your feet properly.

You can surf the website to find them easy to break in steel boots within the available budget. You can find tried and tested boots on our next page. Do we also discuss how to stop steel toe boots from hurting toe? you can try our guide.

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