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Seeking the best work boots for wide feet can be a daunting task. Let’s face it. There are many options today, ranging in price and quality. But if you have wide feet, finding the right pair of work boots can be difficult. Now, no hard time finding suitable footwear that is flexible, comfortable, and convenient; you need to read this article.

John Mia – Manager of American Boot Company, says wide feet people should prefer to buy the Best pull-on work boots for wide feet for their construction work. Furthermore, finding footwear for work? that is comfortable and flexible cannot challenge wide feet now. So, we came up with 5 reputable and stylish brands that sell boots for wide feet.

Top 5 Best Pull On Work Boots For Wide Feet In 2022 List?

Best For Wide Feet

Top extra wide feet work boots

Georgia Giant Gr500 Work Boots For Wide Feet
  • Features:100% Leather, Polyurethane sole, Shaft 5″ from arch, Soggy Brown Color, EVA midsole
  • Benefits: Easy To Pull On, Extra large size 13 Wide Available
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For Flat Wide Feet

Top Work Boots For Flat Wide Feet

CEBU Steel Toe Work Boots For Flat Wide Feet
  • Features: Leather 100%, Sole Rubber, US Made & Imported, Shaft Measures From Arch, Boot Opening 8″ Around
  • Benefits: Best For Heavy Duty Works With Comfort And Puncture Resistant
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Comfortable For Wide Feet

Justin Original Most Comfortable Work Boots For Wide Feet
  • Features: 100% Leather Quality, Rubber Sole, Dual Pull-On Loops, Removable Insole, Oil and Slip-resistant
  • Benefits: Attractive Color, Rounded Toe With Deep Leg Opening 
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Rubber Quality

good rubber work boots for wide feet

Muck Unisex Best Rubber Work Boots For Wide Feet
  • Features: Rubber Quality, Imported, Rubber Sole, 100% Waterproof, Heel Measures 12 inches
  • Benefits: Durable Boots With Comfort, Breathable And Safe From Electric Shock
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For Extra Wide Feet

Cheap Work Boots For Extra Wide Feet

Timberland PRO Work Boots For Extra Wide Feet
  • Features:100% Leather, Imported With Rubber sole, EVA Midsole, Heat-, Slip-, and Oil-resistant Outsole,
  • Benefits: Waterproof and Anti Fatigue Technology With 30 Comfort Guarantee
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Therefore, continue reading to know about the best pull on work boots for every person with wide feet!

best pull on work boots for wide feet

1- Georgia Men’s Giant High Romeo Gr500, – Best Work Boots For Very Wide Feet

The 300-year tradition of shoemaking by the Cucinelli family is apparent in every shoe they manufacture. When crafting these durable oxfords, they mixed oil-resistant polyurethane outsoles with full-grain leather uppers. Furthermore, these 771.11 Grams weighted boots added a Goodyear welt construction and a protective Georgia waterproof system.

Plus, a high-performance lining makes these shoes ideal to wear in wet conditions. This on-trend boot is durable enough to withstand harsh outdoor weather, tough enough for the city streets, and stylish enough for casual weekends.

The good-looking, retro sneaker is built to last with a Detachable EVA midsole cushioning. The outsole is oil-resistant polyurethane, so it can take whatever you can bring it’s away. Made with durable leather, the Romeo is ready for any adventure.

Finished in rich and full-grain leather material, the Georgia Giant is perfect for the office as well as rugged surroundings. Their included and trusted polyurethane outsole is designed to adequately get rid of any chemicals or other residual liquids without leaving a stain behind.

A good-looking, comfortable shoe grounded with a durable and High-performance lining Outer Leather material. In addition, these Best for Very Wide Feet twin-soles are constructed with a steel shank for arch support for an eye-catching look and long-lasting wear. Thus, these Chunky 1.25 inches Heel boots are a good choice if you don’t want to sacrifice comfort while you’re on the job.

Often, people with wide feet struggle to slip on their work boots and thereby fall in the process. To eliminate the chances of this happening again, the Georgia Giant brings to you a boot with wide and stretchable pull tabs. These, together with the twin gores make the High Romeo pair extremely easy to slip on.

The biggest problem when buying boots for wide feet is the lack of ventilation in them. Georgia Giant understands this problem completely and has constructed the most comfortable boots for its wide feet customers. These include a steel shank with a high-performance lining to offer the utmost breathability.

Another outstanding feature of the High Romeo GR500 is its resistivity towards the water and top work boots for plantar fasciitis. Made using the Georgia Waterproof System, these boots have a strong barrier against water and ensure that your feet are kept dry even on the wettest surfaces and surroundings.

Why is Georgia Men’s Gr500 Better Then Georgia Men’s Gr274?

FeaturesGeorgia Men’s Gr500 New Boots Georgia Men’s Gr274 Old Boots
Size8, 8 Wide To 13, 13 WideOnly 10.5
Shaft 5″ from arch4 Inches Only
Wide FeetSizes Available For Wide FeetOnly One Normal Size
Reviews At Amazon2,078 Reviews (4.6 Out Of 5*)111 Reviews (4.5 Out Of 5*)
Put OnEasy To Put OnHard To Put On
Heel Measure1.25 Inch1  Inch
What we like
  • Durable polyurethane outsole
  • Full-grain leather good looking finish
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Reliable Georgia waterproof system
  • Detachable EVA midsole cushioning
  • Included steel shank for arch support
What we don’t like
  • Requires slight break-in period
  • Not CSA certified

Author Review

Georgia Giant High Romeo GR500 is an amazing boot pair for me with wide feet. This pair of boots give me considerable arch support and comfort and help me in working hours bearable for feet!

top work boots for wide feet

2- CEBU Men’s Steel Toe Work Boots, Construction and Utility SafetyBest For Flat Wide Feet

Your feet are your most essential tools. Cebu, protect them with quality boots like these men’s steel toe work boots. In fact, these boots are oil and acid-resistant, designed with a shock-absorbent structure to keep your feet comfortable. In fact, they’re also well ventilated with the airflow insole, providing breathability.

Cebu Men’s Steel Toe Work Boots, Construction and Utility Safety, is made from 100% full-grain leather and specially processed shock-absorbent structure. The Goodyear welted construction allows the boots to be re-soled for extended life, making this work boot as durable as they come. This work boot has water Resistant linings which keep your feet safe from chemical or metal hazards.

The super tough mud-proof outsole extends high up the sides of your boots. So you can tackle any terrain without worrying about getting your feet soaked in corrosive liquids. Moreover, it is built with a comfortable and 4.5lbs lightweight composite toe to meet today’s ever-changing construction demands.

CEBU’s best For Flat Wide Feet are designed for comfort and safety, remarkable for people in the construction industry. So, these are 10 inches high. Still, lightweight, anti-fatigue technology spreads impact forces over a greater surface area to relieve pressure and increase comfort.

Whether you are planning to work on farms or in mechanics, you can forget to worry about damaging your boots if they have the CEBU logo. Living up to this mark, these Work Boots feature a heavy-duty and completely durable rubber outsole.

This signature tractor sole, along with offering everlasting durability, takes care of your comfort as well and keeps the boots easy on your feet even after excessive use. Moreover, its high traction and resistivity to punctures make the boot compatible with all types of welding and carpentry work.

Knowing how wide feet sweat a lot when kept in compact spaces for prolonged intervals, CEBU regulates ventilation in this boot very adequately. It does so by installing the airflow insole along with the shock absorbent boot structure. Finally, the Goodyear Welt construction speaks about the durability and performance of this pair!

CEBU Tractor Steel Toe Boots (Latest) Vs CEBU Soft Toe Work Boots (Old)

FeaturesCEBU Tractor Steel Toe Boots (New)CEBU Soft Toe Work Boots (Old)
Size6 Wide To 13 Wide6 Wide To 12 Wide
Safety ToeSteel Toe, Soft ToeSoft Toe Only
Wide Feet SizesSizes Available For Wide FeetSizes Available For Wide Feet
SpecialHeavy DutyNot For Heavy Duty
Date First AvailableAug-2-2016 LatestApr-11-2013 Old
What we like
  • 100% leather and shock absorbent structure
  • Oil and acid resistant
  • Well ventilated with the airflow insole
  • Superior traction on wet and slippery surfaces
  • Superior traction on wet and slippery surfaces
  • Run true to their size
What we don’t like
  • Need some time to break-in
  • Little difficult to pull on and off
  • Not recommended for food, service, or agricultural industry

Author Review

Although they might seem a little tight on your feet at first, once you break into the CEBU Steel Toe Work Boot, their performance only goes uphill from there!

These work boots are perfect for every worker with rugged surrounding areas, who need an outsole as reliable as the CEBU tractor rubber one!

extra wide steel toe work boots

3- Justin Original Work Boots Men’s J-max

Indulge your feet with the Justin Original Work Boot J-Max. This classic wide feet boot offers excellent support in an easy-to-wear package. Comfortable, flexible, and lightweight, this lace-up boot features a Dri-Lex lining for breathability. The Jel inserts fit snugly as a glove and keep feet from feeling hot and wet.

Justin Original Work Boots are crafted to be the best work boots. The J-Max Caliber outsole is patented deep-tread, slip, and oil-resistant rubber. Every Justin boot manufactures with a Dri-Lex cooling system that absorbs foot moisture and promotes airflow to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

With a deep leg opening for ankle support and a rounded toe for comfort, this distressed leather pull-on is ideal for casual use when you want to let your feet breathe. Well, providing you with the help you need, this versatile best work boots pair for men with wide features a Jel insole that adds extra cushioning.

A rugged 2.04 Kilograms boot built with premium, durable leather. Slip- and oil-resistant rubber outsole, Goodyear welt construction with an EVA heel cushion and an orthopedic insert.

Along with this, the included Justin Jel inserts help ease the struggle of pulling boots on and off from any wide feet worker. Finished in a round soft toe design, Justin Originals has constructed this footwear from durable material and featured the eleven-inch long, gaucho leather shaft inside.

Comparison Between Justin Original J-max Boot And Justin Hybred Rust Work Boot Which One Have More Features?

FeaturesJustin Original J-max New BootJustin Hybred Rust Work Boot Old
Size7  To 15 Wide & 9 B US To 15 D US9.5 And 13 Only
LoopsDual Pull-OnNo Loops
AmazonReview439 Customer ReviewsOnly 27 Customer Reviews
InsoleRemovableNot Removable 
Put On & OffEasyDifficult
What we like
  • Premium quality durable construction
  • Renowned J-Max Caliber polyurethane outsole
  • Well ventilated interior through Dri-Lex cooling system
  • Easy to snug on with the Justin Jel inserts
  • Flexible and comfortable J-Flex insole
  • Round soft toe with leather upper
  • Don’t need any break-in time
What we don’t like
  • Not true to size, run a little smaller

Author Review

Considering the aforementioned features, we can clearly see why the audience seems to love the Justin Original J-Max work boots.

The plus point which I notice is these boots have the best Dri-Lex cooling mechanism along with a highly comfortable insole to give every wide footer a relaxing working experience!

good wide feet work boots

4- Muck Boot Unisex-Adult Men’s Chore – Mid Soft Toe

Choose the Chore Mid Soft Toe Boot for the most challenging jobs and coldest days. This Muck Boot features a waterproof and easy-to-clean exterior, 1.44 Kilograms weight for excellent flexibility. Moreover, these boots have breathable mesh air lining and a steel shank for arch support.

Muck Boots has been producing uniquely styled footwear for all types of workers in varying working environments for the longest time. They have made a reputable name for themselves in this category and recently introduced the Unisex Mid Soft Toe Men Chore Boots for their wide feet customers.

The rubber boots feature a breathable mesh air lining for extra comfort and a strong, 100% neoprene lining inside. Therefore, the outsole is slip-resistant with a very flexible shaft, making it easier to walk or stand with balance.

With a breathable mesh lining and 5mm (3/16 inch) neoprene shaft, this warm winter work boot provides excellent flexibility and comfort. The mid-height boot offers 12 inches of height from the arch to the heel and a shaft diameter of regular. This boot is tripling reinforced at the toe and has Steel shanks with a flexible shaft.

Thus, this waterproof, insulated boot features a unique sole design that helps it grip slippery surfaces for extra confidence whether you’re on ice or just playing in the snow. The outer layer is rugged, abrasion-resistant rubber for good durability,

Do you work in muddy or watery locations and have seen your boots fall victim to these liquids? You can say goodbye to ruined boots forever with the completely waterproof structure of Mock Soft Round Toe Boots! They have a very resistant layer against water and stop the tiniest drop of it from landing on your feet.

Obviously, working in rugged surroundings means watching your boots get dirty quite often. Mock accurately takes care of this problem as well and has finished this unisex pair in an extremely easy to clean high-grade rubber overlay design and outsole.

Additionally, working in humid temperatures results in excessive feet sweating and thereby an uncomfortable interior. However, the notably breathable air mesh lining of Mock boots regulates air supply within the boot and dries off any moisture and sweat away from your feet!

Comparison Chart of Muck Boot Unisex-Adult Chm-000a And Muck Boots Unisex Work Moss 333a

FeaturesMuck Boot Unisex-Adult Chm-000a (New)Muck Boots Unisex Work Moss 333a (Old)
Size5 To 12Only 10 US
ShaftMid-Calf” from ArchKnee-High from Arch-Too Long
Amazon Review2687 Reviews (4.7 Out 5 Star)121 Reviews (4.6 Out 5 Star)
ToeTripple Toe
Shock AbsorptionYes Yes
PropertyHeat Retention
What we like
  • Waterproof and easy to clean exterior
  • 5mm neoprene for excellent flexibility and comfort
  • Breathable mesh air lining
  • Heat retention feature for blister free experience
  • Steel shanks for additional arch support
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole with a very flexible shaft
What we don’t like
  • Require time to break in
  • Difficult to get on and off your feet

Author Review

5e wide work boots

While we do admit that the Mock Unisex Men Chore Boots can be a nuisance to get on and off your feet, this problem can easily be solved by buying half an inch size bigger than your usual one.

These Chore Boots are something that no worker should miss out on as they offer their users the most thrilling working time without any sweating or blisters on their wide feet!

best rubber work boots for wide feet

5- Timberland PRO Men’s Helix Wellington – Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot

The Timberland PRO Men’s 5 Pounds Work Boot will keep your feet looking professional with its waterproof pebbled leather upper. This slip-on boot is also full of features to help you relax, like the molded EVA midsole cushioning technology.

Timberland has been a globally trusted name to provide its customers with premium quality and completely authentic footwear. They have done an exceptional job at keeping up with their promise and recently came up with the PRO men’s Helix Wellington Work Boot.

Moreover, its Western-style lined design provides anti-fatigue absorption technology and heat, oil, and slip-resistant outsole. Western-style lines paired with a rugged steel toe. A steel toe means these boots are safe around heavy equipment and machinery too, so these have got you covered. Choose the right boot for you!

The Timberland PRO 30-day guaranteed boots provide all-day comfort, protection, and durability. Moreover, this waterproof zip-up steel-toed boot is excellent for outdoor work environments, with shock-absorbent technology for added stability and comfort.

In addition, a classic silhouette topped with metal hardware and six rugged eyelets to hold laces. A water-resistant, non-marking Timberland outsole features waterproof pebbled leather technology to deliver durable traction on rough surfaces.

Which One Is Better Timberland PRO Helix Wellington OR Timberland PRO 53522 Powerwelt Wellington?

FeaturesTimberland PRO Helix Wellington New Boots Timberland PRO 53522 Powerwelt Wellington Old Boots
Size7.5 Wide 10, 15, 15 Wide13.1 x 11.4 x 5.1 inches; 5 Pounds
Package Dimensions14.4 x 13.3 x 5.2 inches; 5 Pounds3.1 x 11.4 x 5.1 inches; 5 Pounds
ToeSteel ToeSteel Toe
Guarantee30  Days
What we like
  • Waterproof and slip resistant outsole
  • Resistant to oil and heat conditions
  • Pebbled leather Western style lined design
  • EVA midsole cushioning technology
  • Anti-fatigue shock absorbent technology
What we don’t like
  • Rubber toe is not durable

Author Review

In my viewpoint and after its mentioned features, it is no surprise that the Timberland PRO Helix Wellington has been doing exceptionally well since its release.

The wide feet wearers of these boots have become huge fans of the anti-fatigue technology of this boot which enables them to have a productive and comfortable working time, without feeling uneasy in their otherwise, compact shoes.

best budget work boots for wide feet

What To Consider While Buying Best Slip On Work Boots For Wide Feet?

Check Size For Wide Feet

Finding the right pair of boots can be a challenge, but knowing your feet’ exact width helps you pick a pair that won’t pinch or press against your toes. Our reviewed wide work boots are available in E or W width sizes across the most popular styles, such as steel toe and composite toe boots.

You should choose the right pair of boots that fit your feet. Most shoes have an E or W after the size number. If you have wide feet, look for numbers with a 3E or 4E. It’s essential to always choose the correct size for your foot shape—no matter what it is—for safety purposes, too.

Comfort Level Is Essential

For you to stand in a pair of casual shoes for extended periods, it’s essential to pick a shoe. It has a comfortable sole that absorbs your weight and distributes it safely while standing. Moreover, EVA foam and cushioned uppers are excellent choices, as they provide the extra comfort you need.

With comfort features like cushioning, arch support, and midsole foam, your feet will feel great in every step of the workday. Arch supports will help keep your feet healthy, so it’s essential to look for a shoe that has these built-in. So, the best slip on work boots for wide feet is tough, reliable, and long-lasting.

Durability and Heavy-Duty Matters

What is best about these work boots for wide feet is their durability. Therefore, they are made of resistant materials capable of handling heavy-duty tasks precisely as promised. Some models can last for a long time without a tear, puncture, or wear.

100% leather work boots are exceptionally durable and withstand all weather. Because of their elasticity, they have fantastic abrasion resistance. Thus, you don’t want to need a new pair of boots in just a few months or weeks.

Protection From Injuries Is Necessary

Wide boots are needed in the workplace to get the necessary protection. While walking, the footwear will make sure your toes remain protected while keeping your feet warm throughout a long day at work. Plus, this piece is made of full-grain leather, and it can effectively resist almost all kinds of weather.

Additionally, as Best pull on work boots for wide feet are lined with genuine shearling wool inside, you will also find cushioning comfort. The shaft is thick and rigid to ensure you stay protected from injuries.

The Boot Must Be Water-Resistant

Water-resistant boots will keep your feet dry on rainy days but won’t keep you as warm in cold weather. Additionally, waterproof boots are ideal for construction workers who need to work on wet surfaces or under extreme colds. Alternatively, slip-resistant outsoles help protect against slips and falls on slippery sidewalks and floors.

Water-resistant, these boots are built for sitting by a fire or working in wet conditions. Weatherproof boots usually come with high-quality materials, and the tough leather used is often enough to withstand almost anything. 

The leather material lets feet breathe better, and the rubber outsole ensures traction on slippery surfaces. Thus, we know these boots will suit anyone who wants an all-around work boot.

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How Do I Know If I Have Wide Feet? 

Foot sizes and measurements consist of a grand and complete hierarchy. But it is not given so much importance as all the people, including us, go through their lives without noticing the excellent quality of the feet.

It is essential only when you are in need of a pair of shoes. The right size measurement will save you from the struggle of finding a precise option for you. There appears a proper size categorization for the foot size.

Some of us have flat feet while others have wider foot portions. Thus, the size varies according to this categorization. Let’s find out together. How do I know if I have Wide Feet? Because usually, this is the topic that is less talked about.

Way To Recognize Wider Feet

If your feet are wider than that average, it might be due to some hereditary or genetic belongings. But how to get it about right. Here we are depicting a couple of methods that will be a bit helpful for your interest.

1. Visual Clues

This visual inspection method shows that if they are wider than the usual size, they will end up tight in places. Not only the tightening aspect will alarm you for foot widening, but your feet will start showing some visual clues, like:

  • Corns, as well as calluses, will develop on the feet
  • Bunions – A nasty physical condition will occur
  • Toe will be curled up within shoes
  • The blister will appear on foot service

2. Using Charts

If you are suspicious about your feet size, this is the most scientific way to check it out. When you are sure that your feet are wider than the average, you can check where your feet sit on the size chart.

But for this, you have to be adequately informed about how wide your feet are wide in terms of measurements, after that, the size chart will help you clear your mind queries.

best wide feet work boots

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The aforementioned list contains some of the best-reviewed slip-on work shoes for wide feet. Others in this category include the Gravel Gear 6 Inch Moc Toe Wedge, Irish Setter Moc Toe, and the Wolverine Moc Toe 8 Inch Workboots.

The answer to this varies from everyone’s preference but the most notable brands for pull on work boots include Timberland, Justin Originals, and the Georgia boots. They have done an excellent job in manufacturing slip-on boots for people with wide feet.

It is about time someone busts the myth about needing a size larger for wide feet workers. You definitely don’t need to size up when buying a shoe, whether you have wide feet or not as the boot will slip right onto your feet snugly.

No, you don’t always need to buy custom made shoes if you have wide feet. Instead, look for working boots that cater your needs correctly and are breathable and comfortable enough for your working environments.


We know that buying the right working boots for wide feet can be quite a struggle for people. For this purpose, we have mentioned the best pull on work boots for wide feet and hope that this list helps you pick the right pair for your use!

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