Are Doc Martens Waterproof Boots? (2022 Guide)

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When it comes to the most stylish shoes, the docs martens is the name that comes to mind. This is a type of shoe that is loved across the globe. However, some people ask one question over and over “Are Doc martens waterproof?

Simply put, some types of them are waterproof while some don’t. I’m going to cover everything about this topic, including the ones that are waterproof and the ones that aren’t.

Also, I’ll tell you how you can make your doc martens shoes waterproof. So, make sure you are with me till the end of this article so that you don’t miss something crucial.

Without talking more, let’s dive into the topic.

Are Doc Martens Waterproof

So Are Doc Martens Waterproof or Not?

The straightforward answer is that the Doc martens are not waterproof as they’re made up of leather.

Yet, there are some methods you can follow to make your martens waterproof. Like protecting the leather with wax or any waterproofing spray that is easily available on the market, it won’t make the shoe completely waterproof though.

Doc martens can handle a bit of water, like when you’re walking in dazzling weather or somewhere where the droplets of water are falling on the shoes.

So, they’re waterproof but not as much that you dip them into a tub full of water. Even in light rain, the water may get into the shoes through the seams of the boots.

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What Does Waterproof Mean?

When your shoes are waterproof, it means the shoes don’t get affected by the water completely and the water doesn’t get into the shoes. You can dip such shoes into the water without any fear of getting your feets wet.

The waterproof shoes are made up of such material that fights against water and its seams. Now you may ask, why are you supposed to get waterproof shoes? And can you wear doc martens in the rain?

For people who live in areas where Weather is stormy, rainy, and snowy, normal shoes can’t help them to walk in such weather. So, having waterproof shoes can not just help you to walk in water but also in snow and storms.

But, if you live in a completely wet Environment where the water is higher than your feet, in this situation, your feet won’t be able to stay dry even when wearing waterproof shoes.

So, just remember, no matter how waterproof the shoes are, they’d still not be 100% perfect.

There are additionally various levels and degrees of waterproofing to keep in mind while buying slip on waterproof boots.

A few waterproofed items accompany an IPX (global security) rating to show assuming they’re just waterproof from specific points, for a particular measure of time, or at specific profundities  (not precisely relevant to shoes):

It’s crucial for you to be aware of these degrees so you can get the shoes according to your need.

  • IPX-0: Are usually not water-resistant
  • IPX-1:Canvassed from development or in a vertical course falling water
  • IPX-2: Safeguarded from sprinkling water up to 15° vertical
  • IPX-3: Safeguarded from sprinkling water up to 60° vertical
  • IPX-4 Protected from water sprinkling from any point
  • IPX-5: Covered from low-pressure water from any point
  • IPX-6: Shielded from high-pressure water from any point
  • IPX-7:Defended from water submersion for as long as 30 minutes at up to three feet (one meter) huge
  • IPX-8: Safeguarded against steady water submersion at any significance

Waterproof boots with high IPX assessments, when in doubt, use flexible, vinyl, neoprene, polyurethane, or nylon as the crucial trimmings.

Be that as it may, cowhide boots like Doc Martens won’t ever have an IPX of seven or eight (perhaps not so much as six) no matter what waterproofing items you use on them.

You additionally need to attempt to keep a couple of cowhide shoes waterproof. The waterproof covering outwardly of a calfskin shoe will ultimately corrupt from the soil, wear, and scraped areas.

Accordingly, adding waterproofing items to your shoes over your shoe lifetime is essential.

How To Make Your Doc Martens Waterproof?

I just mentioned that the shoes could handle a little water, so is it possible to improve their water assistance capability?

Yes, it is possible. There are some wax and waterproofing sprays available in the market that you can use to make your shoes waterproof. However, the shoes won’t be fully waterproof, but they’ll be a lot better than before.

So, if you live in a snowy area or where it rains more, you can get your eyes on these waterproofing products, and you’ll be able to protect your feet from getting cold and wet.

The doc marten boots are quite durable and can really accompany you in the worst weather. like stormy and rainy. I’ve gone through a number of people who have said that the products helped them to walk in the snowy and raining weather.

How Long Can You Wear Doc Martens In The Rain Without Applying The Waterproofing Products?

If you’ve not applied any waterproofing spray or wax on the shoes, your shoes can help you to walk in the rain for about 15 to 20 minutes. But, don’t spend more time than that, or else your feet will get wet.

The Method:

  • Clean your Doc martens shoes properly and make sure that there is no dust stuck to them.
  • Wait until the shoes are dry
  • Now, apply any waterproofing product like wax or a spray.

That’s it; now you walk in any weather, be it snowy or raining, so just go out and have fun.

How to Waterproof your Doc Martens Using Wax/Dubbin?

Dubbin is a mixture of oil, beeswax, and tallow used to waterproof the shoes. This method has been around for centuries. Still, it’s used by numerous folks till today. The wax keeps your boots moisturized and water out from them.

Finding a wax product to waterproof your Doc martens would not be a big deal as they’re easily available in the market. Also, you can order them online, which is the easiest method.

The Method

  • Use a cloth dimp in the water to clean the shoes
  • Let the shoes dry, and don’t apply any product until the shoes get completely dry Then, apply the wax onto your shoes, seams, leather, and Switches using a soft cloth.
  • Let them get dry for a minimum of 10 minutes.
  • You add another layer of the wax you think is needed.
Use WaxDubbin To Make Your Doc Martens rain proof

How to Waterproof Your Doc Martens With Waterproofing Spray

As cited earlier, tons of different products are available to make your shoes water-resistant.

The spray is the latest and easy-to-use product for making your shoes waterproof. The kiwi waterproof spray is considered to be one of the best sprays that give fantastic results. However, silicon sprays are not recommended to use on your shoes.

The Method

  • Clear the dirt from the shoes using a cloth dipped in water
  • Let the shoes dry
  • Spray the leather, seams, and switch the shoes
  • Let them dry for a minimum of 10 minutes.
Using waterproof spray for doc martens boots

How To Waterproof The Martens Using The Wonder Balsam?

Wonder Balsam is used for waterproofing your shoes, it’s made up of natural and synthetic waxes which are suitable to be used on your Doc marten shoes. Also, the product offers an additional layer to keep the shoes secured from dirt and water.

  • Clean the dirt from your shoes
  • Wait until they’re dry.
  • Apply a thin layer of the wonder balsam on the slitches, leather, and seams of the shoes using a sponge.
Wonder Balsam for doc martens boots

Which Doc Martens Are Waterproof?

As mentioned earlier, some doc martens shoes are waterproof while some aren’t, so what are the ones that are waterproof?

The water-resistance of the shoes will depend on the material they’re made up of. It’s crucial to see the material of the shoes and the type of leather used to make the shoes.

The Doc Martens That Are Waterproof

1460 Wintergrip Leather Lace-Up Boots

1460 Wintergrasp Faux-Fur-Lined Lace-Up Boots

2976 Wintergrasp Chelsea Boots.

Dr marten pull-on waterproof boots

These are some of the waterproof options available in Doc martens shoes. So, if you’re looking for complete waterproof shoes, ensure that you buy any type from the above-mentioned list. Or else other types might not be fully water-resistant.

If you want to know the pros and cons of pull on vs lace-up boots so you need to read my review.

Point To Note

Hey there: As you’ve read this article here, I hope now you know whether the docs martens are waterproof or not, also you know how you can make them waterproof by using some of the products.

I’ve even explained the way of using each waterproof product so you don’t feel any difficulty while using it.

There are some crucial factors you should watch out for. If your shoes are not waterproof, you can wear them in the rainy season for 15 to 20 minutes, but don’t go more than that time.

Don’t forget to check the degree of the shoes you’re going to buy so that you can decide how waterproof your shoes should be, according to the weather condition of your area.

And remember, no matter how expensive the shoes are, they won’t be completely waterproof. Even if their leather is waterproof, the water may still get into them from their top part.

Ensure to ask yourself why you need waterproof shoes, and then how waterproof your shoes should be. After getting the answer, you can go buy your shoes.

Now, I want to hear from you. Who told you about Doc Martens shoes? Your answers will highly be appreciated.

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